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Covid -19 Statement

Dear client in order to maintain the safety and hygienic practice of LYS Beauty Therapy since the outbreak of covid-19,and to protect all clients and myself new measures must now be followed by customers at all times.

Only accepting card payments

Due to the risk of higher infection transmission  and cross contamination there are currently no toilet facilities available during your appointment session.

Please arrive on time as there is currently no waiting area

1.) Only one customer to attend an appointment session at a time, please go straight to the treatment room and remove jacket and shoes in the treatment room only.

2.) Clients are required to wear a face mask during appointments only to be removed when a specific treatment requires, and to be removed  by the client.

3.)Clients to sanitise hands on arrival and prior to using card machine for 20 seconds.

4.) Clients handle all own clothing and shoes. 

5.) Bring own drink in bottled container,

6.) Re arrange appointments if not feeling well and do not attend appointment if had any covid symptoms for past 14 days

7.) Allow therapist to guide through the initial process